COMP physicians evaluate and treat workers who are ill or injured as a result of their employment.  It is our philosophy that the COMP physician must assume the role of "case manager" for every patient, working closely with the patient, the employer, and the worker compensation insurance carrier or third-party administrator to speed the recovery process while minimizing lost work time.  While it is occasionally necessary to take a patient off work entirely, most patients can continue working while they are recovering from their illness or injury. Activity restrictions, appropriate to the severity of injury or illness, are issued at every visit, allowing the employer to arrange "modified duty" which will keep the patient productive and reduce lost work time. Continuity of care is an important part of the treatment process and the same physician will see the patient each time they return for further care.  Patients are given scheduled follow-up appointments, reducing the likelihood of significant waiting times.

COMP provides laboratory testing, x-rays, electrocardiograms, pulmonary function tests, and audiograms on site, eliminating the need for patient referral to other facilities for these services.

All COMP physicians are Level II accredited by the Colorado Division of Labor and Employment and can provide any impairment ratings that may be required when a patient reaches maximum medical improvement.


Last modified: 01/26/12

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